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We provide Consultancy services, contract research & manufacturing and industrial-academic training to develop fermentation based industrial enzymes.

Desizing - starch breaking enzymes : Alpha amylase
Bio-polishing – for cotton, blended fabric and garments : Cellulase
Bleach clean up – to remove residual hydrogen peroxideUsed for bleaching of cotton : Catalase
Denim Bio-finishing (bio-stone washing) – loosening theIndigo dye to give worn finish  : Cellulase

Degreasing – to remove fat for better tannin and dyeing : Lipase

Bating – to remove unwanted protein : Protease
Soaking – to increase water uptake by dissolvingfibre protein and fat and oils :  Protease and Lipase
Dehairing – to remove unwanted hairs :  Alkaline protease
Bread production – to degrade starch : Amylase
to improve gluten network strength : Protease, Xylanase, lipase
to improve dough :alpha amylase, xylanase, and protease
Biscuit production- To weaken gluten protein structure  : Protease
To remove protein stains like human sweat, blood etc : Protease
To remove oily stains like fats, oil etc : Lipase
To remove starchy stains like gravy, sauces  : Amylase
To remove protect color of cotton garment  : Cellulase
Breaking down of starch, nonstarch polysaccharideProtein to help in digestion : alpha amylase, protease, beta glucanase, cellulase, xylanase
To remove anti nutritional factors : phytase, tannase