PLANET BIOTECH INDIA is research driven biotech company involved in Turnkey project execution, complete Technology Transfer i.e Liquid Biofertilizer Technology Transfer, biopesticide technology transfer, Consultancy services, Contract Research & Manufacturing and Industrial-Academic training of fermentation based microbial formulation and metabolites production  i.e. Biofertilizer, Biopesticide, Bio-organic plant growth promoters, Animal  Probiotics-Feed supplements  and Enzymes since 2009.

Products and Services We offer

Biofertilizer- Turnkey plant, Products, Raw material, Liquid Biofertilizer production Technology Transfer, Consultancy Services to Develop Biofertilizers, training to develop Biofertilizer, complete Liquid Biofertilizer formulation

Biopesticides- Turnkey plant, Products, Raw material, Biopesticide production Technology Transfer, Consultancy Services to set up Biocontrol laboratory or to develop Biopesticides, training to develop Biopesticide, complete Biopesticide formulation

Animal Probiotics- Turnkey plant, Products, Raw material, Technology Transfer, Consultancy Services to Develop animal probiotics, training to develop animal probiotics

Enzymes- Raw material, Technology Transfer, Consultancy Services to Develop Enzymes, training to develop Enzymes

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